Captioning Encoder Rental

Dynamic Captioning now offers Closed Captioning Encoder rentals!
Dynamic Captioning has several “Caption Packages” which are available for short-term rental. We have multiple “flight cases” ready to go for shipping and your on-site use.

Caption Package 1

Evertz HD 9084 Caption Encoder

  • 1 Evertz HD-9084 Caption Encoder – supports a single HD-SDI feed & a single SD-SDI feed.
  • 1 Gentner Audio coupler (Optional*) – so that our captioner can hear your program.
  • Requires 2 direct-dial POTS/PSTN phone lines. 1 for voice, 1 for data.
  • Also in a flight case with a quick-connect backplane – your truck engineer’s still smiling.

    * The audio coupler can be included at no additional rental fee, but if you don’t need it
    due to having your own already, we can remove it in order to reduce shipping costs.

Caption Package 2

EEG HD-490 iCap encoder

  • 1 EEG HD-490 iCap encoder. Supports a single HD-SDI or SD-SDI feed.
  • Requires a “solid” Internet connection – roughly 80 Kbps.
  • Due to restrictions by EEG, iCap encoders are only available with realtime caption service bundled.

** CAUTION ** – The HD-490 encoder sends the audio to the captioner through the Internet. Audio is de-embedded from the HD-SDI signal. The encoder cannot decode Dolby™ AC-3 audio. If this is your configuration, you can supply decoded stereo audio on 3-4 of the HD audio feed, or via a separate AES/EBU connection. Please contact Technical Support if you would like to discuss the details.

Full Technical Support and System Check-out

With all equipment rentals, each package is fully tested and checked out prior to shipment to your production site. Dynamic Captioning support technicians will help you test and configure the package once you have received it. We will evaluate the quality of the connection, and send test captions to your location in order for you to test your installation and your video feeds for proper insertion.

Professional Captioning Writing Services Available

In order to embed captioning in your live video programming, a closed captioning encoder is required, as is a method for our realtime captioner to hear your program. Not all production facilities or field production trucks are equipped with closed captioning encoders or audio couplers.

Long-Term Rentals

If you require a long-term rental, or would like to arrange for us to include a captioning encoder as part of your long-term captioning service, please contact your Dynamic Captioning Sales Representative