Media RT

MediaRT is a platform and set of applications that allow our customers to find a comfortable “Middle Ground” between Realtime and Offline captioning technologies.


Realtime Captioning’s appeal is that it is very easy to implement, it is very fast, and relatively inexpensive. Its challenges are that there is a latency between the time a word is spoken and the time a captioner “translates” that into electronic shorthand (steno), there can be transcription errors, and there is a risk of disconnection during the event.

Offline Captioning’s appeal is that it is completely transcribed, there is no risk of disconnection, and there is no latency as the content is “timed” as it is transcribed. The challenges are that it is more labor-intensive and it takes longer to process, due to the higher labor component, thus more expensive.

Producers have often had to struggle with these tradeoffs. There is now a third option!


MediaRT is a proprietary technology created by Dynamic Captioning that finds the ideal and unique balance between Realtime and Offline captioning.


With MediaRT, you send us your “proxy” media file (low-resolution, small-frame) via FTP, just as you would an Offline project.

Then we have one of our veteran Realtime captioners “run” this file with MediaRT, and MediaRT captures their performance, resulting in content that is equivalent to what a realtime caption session produces. However, there are a couple of improvements: The captioner has the opportunity to stop, back up, and resume if they come across new terminology. Second, there is no risk of disconnection during the process, as they are working with your media file, and not a pair of phone lines or an Internet connection.

The captured performance of your content is then sent to our Offline captioning team. They do a re-timing of the captioning data, removing the latency of the realtime captioner. Then a cursory edit of the file is done, correcting any obvious realtime errors that were introduced. This is a much quicker process than the traditional transcription / timing / review process of Offline Captioning, allowing the client to determine speed and economy.

MediaRT+ (Plus), is a further enhanced version of this process where the Offline captioning team takes another editing pass through the captioned file, picking up any missing sound effects and any content that was paraphrased during Realtime captioning.

When that is complete, the resultant captioning file is delivered electronically to the customer in their preferred file format, just as in an ordinary Offline captioning product.

We believe that this approach strikes a terrific balance – giving the customer the fast turnaround time with significant economy similar to Realtime, and the quality similar to Offline captioning.